Friday, May 13, 2011

Good Shepherd Sunday: We celebrate vocations this Sunday

This Sunday, the Fourth Sunday of Easter, is Good Shepherd Sunday and Vocations Sunday.

We pray that many will hear the call to the priesthood, the call to devote themselves fully to the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ, which is the Gospel of Life.

Many young people today are finding their vocation precisely because of the Church’s witness to the sanctity of life amidst the holocaust of abortion. Responding to a vocation requires counter-cultural service, which is precisely the context which the pro-life movement offers.

 Devoting oneself to the defense of life provides a powerful seed-bed for the flowering of priestly vocations, just as a response to a priestly vocation is necessarily a commitment to the defense of life. Let us pray today for many “good shepherds,” and let us encourage those who have already accepted that call.

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