Friday, May 20, 2011

Louisville Young Catholics Activities

LYC: Transforming Power of the Eucharist - Tues June 14 @ Saints SkyBar 7pm

May Events: Hiking & Bats Game!

This weekend might actually feel like spring... just the time to break in a pair of hiking shoes and enjoy a few hours hiking and grilling at Jefferson Memorial Forest! Meet us at 9am at the Welcome Center, 1311 Mitchell Hill Rd, Fairdale, KY 40118, or text/call Trevor at 715-897-1427 if you'd like to ride together. We'll have some burgers and dogs for the grill... bring a side/drink/frisbee.

And next Thursday night come on out to the Bats at Slugger Field for a Thursday happy hour with live music with young adults from one of Louisville's newest parishes, St. Peter the Apostle. Game time is 6:35 and tickets are $7-11. Jason's cell is 502-609-3954 if you're looking for us there or drop a line at about either of these events... or anything, really :)

Next Pub Night! The Transforming Power of the Eucharist

June 14th @ Saints SkyBar 7PM
131 Breckenridge Ln, St Matthews

What can be so life changing about that little wafer we receive at Mass? Have you ever really thought about how or why something so relatively insignicant can actually be God? Maybe you have a lot of questions and doubts -- or your mind may be well made up either way -- we're sure Fr. Jeffrey Leger will give us all something to chew on (pardon the pun). Not only does he hold a special passion for the Eucharist, but as an excellent preacher he brings big theological concepts down to the practical level of what they mean in everyday life:

How do we love our neighbor? The answer is the Eucharist.

How should we love our spouses? The answer is in Holy Communion.

How do we love our good friends and our not-so-good friends? The answer is in the Bread of Life.

Sadly, many Catholics allow this greatest of all sacraments to become a dull routine. Maybe if Jesus wanted us to pay more attention to the Eucharist, he would make Mass real flashy like Thunder Over Louisville. Maybe if He came to us looking like an aged Porterhouse steak grilled medium well with a glass of that wine from the Wedding at Cana -- more than a few of us would be at Mass every day! Instead, God asks us to look for him appearing as like a thin, dull wafer of barely edible bread and bland, oxidized wine -- not the most romantic dinner from the author of Song of Songs, eh? Yet I expect every one of us can relate to how life often fails to meet the world's expectations. Much of life is pretty routine. Most teens and young adults know very well what "bored" feels like. So the One Who can transform our lives waits for us at a boring Mass under dull appearances. At least on June 14th you have a chance to hear more in a more exciting environment. And who knows... Fr. Leger may be up for a cigar and glass of bourbon afterwards...

Save the Dates: Tour of Archdiocese History Center & Mass with Archbishop Kurtz

Thursday, June 23rd @ 7PM - Patterson Education Center, 424 South 5th Street
Tour the Archdiocese History Center with Archivist, Fr. Dale Cieslik, for a firsthand experience with artifacts of Kentucky's Catholic heritage dating back to 1775.

Sunday, July 17th @ 2PM - Young Adult Mass with Archbishop Kurtz at Church of the Epiphany, 914 Old Harrods Creek Road, Anchorage, KY

Bring a side dish and beverages to enjoy around the grill afterwards along with sports, games, and all that good summer fun stuff!

Whew! Think that's all for now... keep tabs with LYC or

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