Friday, May 27, 2011

Prayers needed...Husband gives own life to save wife from Joplin tornado

Catholic Fire:

Tornadoes have been tearing through the heart of America causing tremendous tragedy and devastation. One of the many heartbreaking stories comes from the recent twister that devastated Joplin earlier this week. Don Lansaw gave his life to protect and save his young wife, Bethany Lansaw, when the tornado tore through their house. What an amazing story of selfless love and devotion!

Here is the story from Mail Online:

He is the husband that made the ultimate sacrifice to save his wife’s life.
As the roaring winds of the 200mph tornado ripped through Joplin, Missouri, Don Lansaw did everything he could to protect his wife.

Bethany Lansaw, 25, revealed today that as the devastating tornado tore their home apart, her husband, 31, threw his body over her in the bath tub to cover her.

‘He got on top of me to take the brunt of most of it and he’s my hero,’ Mrs Lansaw said in a tearful interview.

'I mean the house was ripping apart, it all happened so fast. All the pillows were flying off of us, the only thing I managed to do was keep one in front of my face.'

As the winds died down, Mrs Lansaw looked up to see that her husband was turning blue.

Hoping she could still save him, she flagged down a pick-up truck to get help finding an ambulance, but it was too late.

After six years of marriage, her childhood sweetheart had died.

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