Friday, October 28, 2011

Come celebrate All Saints Day with us on November 1st

We encourage all parishioners to attend Mass on All Saints Day, scheduled for 7:00 PM, Tuesday, November 1st. Not only is All Saints Day a holy day of obligation, it is our parish feast day.

Before Mass, you may light a blessed candle and place it on the old altar in memory of your loved ones who have passed away. You may take the candle home after Mass to pray for the Faithful Departed this month. Our Parish’s Book of the Names of the Dead will be on display all during November, and you are encouraged to write in it the names of your loved ones. 

After Mass, we will gather in the Parish Hall for refreshments and fellowship. We are still waiting for volunteers to come forward to organize the festivities – call Diane Black at the Parish Office, 477-6676. Please note that there will be no morning Mass this week, but there will be an 8:30 AM Holy Day Mass at St. Francis Xavier.

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