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From The Mouth Of Babes: The Inspirational Story Of Garvan Byrne

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Should Holy See consider cause for Garvan Byrne?

I don't know anything about little Garvan Byrne, other than what is in the video clip below. He went to his eternal reward in April of 1985, just two months after that video was made. He was born in 1973.

Since seeing that video clip, especially the part where he talks about receiving his First Holy Communion, I haven't been able to get this kid out of my mind. I found myself praying to him while receiving Communion last night at a daily Mass, asking him to help me to grow in my love for the Eucharist.

Fast forward to this morning and I find myself feeling a strong sense that the Church should investigate the life of the pre-teen boy, trapped in the body of a five-year old, who shows himself to be bigger than the biggest man, and as wise as a most cherished elder.

The Church responds to the faithful. The Church could not ignore the young Saint Maria Goretti's case because there was such a devotion to her, and a push for her cause that was wide spread. While little Maria died a heroic, painful and saintly death, Garvan Byrnes seems to share several things with her, among which was a profound, manifest love for Jesus in the Eucharist; faith in which flowed along with hope, and; death to self with total abandonment to the will of God with full knowledge that the end was near.

Only the Church can declare saints. Only God can permit those who have made it to Heaven, to be involved with miracles as a testimony to their sanctity. There are several steps to sainthood, and not everyone the Church investigates or puts before us whose life or death was exemplary is declared a saint. Some remain at the first stage of "Servant of God"; others to the second stage, "Venerable", and fewer will gain the title of "Blessed". When the necessary criteria has been met, which includes miracles, the Church can give them the title of "Saint" (see the basic process in this EWTN article)

I don't know if Garvan Byrnes is worthy of sainthood. But it seems to me that the Church should consider investigating his life and death to see if he is worthy of being named a "Servant of God." From there, God will decide how high this young man should rise on that scale of sanctity. It may all come down to whether God permits miracles to be permitted when people petition Garvan in the name of Jesus.

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