Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Preacher's Wife's Parrot

The preacher's wife was in an exotic pet store and she discovered a sign on a cage that said, "Parrot for Sale, $9.95 ... includes cage."

She just could not pass up such a bargain, but she asked the clerk why the parrot was so cheap.

"This parrot used to use the foulest language. We have been retraining him, but we can't guarantee anything. That is why he is so cheap.

The preacher's wife still thought it was a good deal, so she bought the parrot and the cage, took him home, and hung the cage in the kitchen.

She said, "Polly want a cracker?" The parrot started using some of the foulest language she had ever heard ... some words she had never even heard before.

She opened the cage, grabbed the parrot by the throat, stuffed him into the freezer and slammed the door. In a few minutes, she opened the freezer door. The parrot's feathers were ruffled from the cold, but he was okay otherwise.

"You use those words around me again, and I'll give you more of the same!" The bird nodded but said nothing.

The next day she had a group of widows over for a prayer meeting. Convinced the parrot had learned his lesson, she brought his cage into the living room to show him off.

During prayer time, the parrot cut loose again. The ladies were so embarrassed. The preacher's wife opened the cage, grabbed the parrot by the throat, and stuffed him into the freezer again.

This time she left him in there about twice as long as before. When she opened the freezer, this time there was frost on his beak. She pulled him out of the freezer and returned him to his cage. The parrot said nothing until all of the ladies had gone.

"Can I ask you a question, ma'am?" the parrot asked.

"What is it?" the preacher's wife answered.

"What did that turkey in there say?"


My brain is like a sponge. Full of holes.


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