Monday, July 9, 2012

A Teachable Moment Funny

True story from Greg Hench, who is a youth minister:

One day I was talking to my son Mat about safely crossing the street while trying to incorporate the idea of sacrifice and love at the same time.

I decided to make this little teachable moment an opportunity to have him choose between safety and sacrifice. I asked Mat, who was probably about 6 at the time; "If I were to be walking across the street and didn't see a car coming and I was about to get hit, would you run out in the street and push me out of the way of the car so I didn't get hurt even if it meant you would probably get hurt really badly?"

With minimal hesitation Mat replied, "Well, that wouldn't be very smart."


Pirates always talk about sailing the seven seas...but aren't all the seas connected? How is it not just one?


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