Monday, September 17, 2012

RCIA — pass it on

When people begin to suspect that what they’ve heard about the Catholic Church might not be all there is to know, where do they go to find out the truth? They go to the source.

As in all things Catholic, the patterns of the early church are the ones we follow — and so each fall, in parishes around the world, RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) is offered for those who have questions about the Catholic faith: Is it true we don't read the Bible? (We do.) Why do we worship Mary? (We don't.) Why are we not born again? (We are, but we don't use evangelical jargon.) And so on.

Beginning with informal discussions, at some point some decide to become catechumens committed to learning more about the faith and developing a spiritual life. We welcome them into the church at a deeply moving special Mass at Easter Vigil.

If you are feeling led to learn more, you will need to find your local parish. Unlike Protestants and evangelicals who can select the perfect church to match their needs, lifestyle and/or theology from hundreds nearby, Catholics attend their local parish. That means we cannot self-select to place ourselves in a group of what evangelicals call “like-minded” people, but we gather each Sunday with people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds who are called to one faith — a check on our human tendency to judgmentalism and the sin of spiritual pride

If you are curious, now’s the time to begin. Find your parish at, then contact them to find out when the RCIA classes begin. No need for apprehension — you will find no pressure in the Catholic Church as we respect free will and God’s power to accomplish His will independent of our individual efforts. You will be under no commitment to attend even more than one class.

For information about RCIA at All Saints Parish in Taylorsville, KY call Mari Wirtz on 502-477-6676, and at Saint Francis Xavier Parish in Mount Washington, KY call Lisa Downs on 502-955-5366.

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