Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reflection: Can God be trusted, is God on our side?

Reflection from Richard Rohr at the Center for Contemplation and Action

Luke tells us that Jesus walked the journey of faith just as you and I do. He did not have all the answers down pat beforehand. That’s the compelling message in each of the various moments where Jesus needed faith—during his temptation in the desert, during his debates with his adversaries, in the garden, and on the cross. We like to imagine that Jesus did not flinch, doubt, or ever question God’s love. The much greater message is that in his humanity he did flinch, have doubts, and ask questions—and still remained faithful.

You see Jesus’ faith first tested in the temptation scenes in Luke 4:1-13. The question is basically this: “Can God be trusted, is God on our side?" That is the great question that the human race is always asking. We hear Jesus in effect answer, “Yes, God is totally on your side. In fact, God is more on your side than you are on your own.” One only knows this to be true in the book of life, by trial and error, over many years. Children “believe” while elders “know.”

Adapted from The Good News According to Luke:
Spiritual Reflections, p. 92

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