Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Reflection: Struggle with what I’m saying!

Reflection from Richard Rohr at the Center for Contemplation and Action

Jesus uses storytelling to change our world view, which is common among all spiritual masters. The evangelists call them parables. A parable confronts our common and convenient world and subverts it. It doesn’t call for discussion, debate, or further questions; it is not God-as-information and quick answers. Rather it is God-as-invitation-revolution-and-challenge. A parable calls us to insight, freedom, and decision. A parable doesn’t lead us to endless analysis; it’s either a flashing insight or it’s nothing.

Jesus is never afraid to put things in a hard and ego-demanding way. He’s not afraid of using a word that’s inevitably going to be misunderstood. He puts big truth out there; dealing with it is the listener’s problem. He is saying, in effect, “Struggle with what I’m saying!”

In general, Jesus doesn’t spend a great deal of time qualifying his points and making sure that everybody understands him clearly according to the recent political correctness. I am afraid liberal people are just as trapped in political correctness as are conservatives. Liberals often want you to say what will be inoffensive to any ego, and their false self is easily offended. (If you do not offend any ego whatsoever, you are supposedly being Christian!) In fact, Jesus offends the rich, the arrogant, the superior, the righteous, and the supposedly orthodox.

Adapted from The Good News According to Luke:
Spiritual Reflections, p.p. 120, 162

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