Monday, October 1, 2012

Rumors about religious military funerals being banned laid to rest

Some of you might have heard about or read an article distributed by some Catholic websites that the National Cemetery Administration had banned religious funerals for veterans. Here's some reassuring news from the Under Secretary for Memorial Affairs. May all of our veterans rest in peace.

Our focus at the National Cemetery Administration (NCA) always has been and always will be on Veterans and their families - and how we can best serve them in their hour of need. We cherish the religious freedoms our Veterans secured for us. At all VA national cemeteries, families are free to choose and use the burial rites and rituals that are meaningful or sacred to them.

Families are equally free to have a service with or without religious references at VA national cemeteries across the country. They decide whether and what type of religious service will take place, and whether the name of God or Jesus is allowed and is freely spoken. Whatever the type of service that families choose for their loved ones, we share a common goal with them - to ensure a dignified committal service worthy of their loved one’s service and sacrifice to our Nation.

I hope that this information is helpful to you. Thank you for supporting our Nation’s Veterans.


Steve L. Muro
Under Secretary for Memorial Affairs

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