Monday, November 5, 2012

Important letter from our pastor, Father Dale

Dear Parishioner of St. Francis Xavier Parish,

On Sunday, November 4 during the 9:00 AM mass, someone(s) put flyers on all the cars in our parish parking lots. It was a half page flyer promoting one presidential candidate over another. This cowardice act angers me tremendously because any and all Catholic parishes are to never support one candidate or issue over another, especially in such a blatant way as did this flyer.

I want to apologize to everyone who had this flyer on their vehicle. I had no knowledge (much less any request) to do such a thing. I have watched our property carefully these last few weeks to make sure that no signs or flyers were inflicted upon us. I, and our parish, support the posture of the United State Conference of Catholic Bishops and their call for an informed conscience in preparation for voting.

I am asking each of you to forward this email to others who may have been at the 9:00 AM mass so as to set the record straight on our policy of such things as this happening. Thank you very much. Again, my apologies to you, and especially to all our visitors at that mass.

Father Dale Cieslik
Pastor, St. Francis Xavier Church
Mt. Washington, KY

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