Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pope Francis & Evangelicals: "Our Francis, Too"

Last Friday morning, the newly elected pope met with Jesuit students of all ages. In a brief Q&A session, a little girl asked Francis if he wanted to be the pope. He made a few jokes before getting serious and flatly saying, “I didn’t want to be pope.”

Ever since his election, Pope Francis has taken a series of actions that seem to be very, well, un-popelike: He used public transportation as a cardinal, he lives in smaller quarters than he could and he asked for a blessing before giving a blessing to the crowd which gathered in St. Peter’s square on the day of his election.

What is stranger than Pope Francis’ actions has been evangelicals’ reactions. Never before has a pope become so widely accepted by Protestants and evangelicals. In a recent Op-Ed for Christianity Today, Timothy George called the new pope, “Our Francis, Too.”

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