Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pray For The Children Of The World

A 2-year-old boy who was reportedly the son of Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson died Friday of injuries he suffered after allegedly being abused, police said.
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, police said Joseph Robert Patterson, 27, has been charged with aggravated battery of an infant and aggravated assault. If convicted on the charges, both felonies, Patterson could face up to 40 years in prison and an $80,000 fine.

Prosecutors are considering filing additional charges against Patterson in light of the boy's death, according to police.

Soon after the news came out of the boy's death, Adrian Peterson took to Twitter to express his gratitude to his family, fans and the "fraternity of brothers" in the NFL for their support.

"God Bless everyone and thank u so much," he wrote.


My prayers are for the little children around the world that are victims of this worst kind of evil. As a father my heart is broken for little AP and the thousands of other innocent children that are senselessly taken from us. I cannot comprehend such tragedy, abuse must end. Lord please bless the little children and watch over each if them.

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