Tuesday, January 14, 2014

49er Fan Pastor Tim's Lightning Quick Sermon

Pastor Tim Christensen has taken 49er Faithful to a whole new level. A diehard 49er fan since his days growing up in the Sunset District, the Lutheran minister had a mighty conflict Sunday: services at his Gold Hill Evangelical Lutheran Church in Butte, Mont., were scheduled to begin at the same time as the 49ers’ playoff game against Carolina.

Not to worry. Pastor Tim, a 1978 Lincoln High graduate, stepped onto the altar, asked the congregants if they were aware that there was a football game going on at the moment, asked if they would like to be forgiven for their sins — they responded in the affirmative — and he said, “OK, you are.”

He then invited the people to receive bread and wine, does a “Kaepernick” biceps-kissing move, pulls apart his vestments to reveal a 49er t-shirt, says “I’m out of here” and walks off the altar.

See his lightning-quick sermon here:


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