Thursday, January 21, 2016

4 PM Saturday Mass Canceled

Dear parishioners of All Saints,

Due to the inclement weather that is predicted for Friday and Saturday, the 4:00 PM Saturday Mass is canceled. I have consulted with Father Jack (who helps us out with our Masses) and it is best that that he not travel on ice and snow.  {As an aside, securing priests for Mass assistance is getting more and more difficult.}

I will celebrate the 5:00 PM Mass at St. Francis Xavier Church come ice, snow or whatever, and all of you are most welcomed (as always) to come.  Pending the weather, I hope the parking lots (at both churches) will be cleared but I cannot guarantee it.  

I rarely pre-determine and make a decision like this one but, preparing Mass involves a lot of people who need to know as soon as possible, and they can plan accordingly.  

I think of the scripture that says, "ice and snow, bless the Lord..." but I like to think in those terms in the summer, not winter.  Travel safely and smartly.

Father Dale 

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